Article Editor


October 2017

This past May, we were looking to adopt a kitten but had no luck when visiting one of the local shelters. The very next day, we had a dental appointment on Hilton Head. Since we were in the vicinity and had a carrier in the car, we figured we would stop at the Hilton Head Humane Association on the way home. While in the dental office lobby, a woman came in and picked up a cage from the office manager in a back room. While I held the door for her, she said, "Do you want to see what I have?" I said sure and removed the towel. In the cage were three 6 week old kittens that she was taking to the HHHA for adoption. I explained what had happened to day before and she said it must be a sign that I needed to take one of the kittens. I went into the treatment room to tell my husband about the kittens. He was so excited to see them! I got the carrier from the car and placed little Stewie inside so that we could bring him to his new home in Bluffton.


Stewie is a very active kitten. He loves playing with all of his toys, especially his little mouse. His routine every night around 3 AM is to tap my cheek with his paw and lay on my chest purring very loudly until he falls asleep. At 6 AM, he wakes me up and wants to eat. I guess what they say is true - cats rule! The staff at Riverwalk Animal Hospital loves Stewie very much and get excited when he comes to stay.


Thank you for choosing Stewie as the October Pet of the Month.