Article Editor


July 2017

Daisy starting training us seven years ago when she became part of the family at seven weeks old. She is intelligent, affectionate, playful, funny and patiently communicates with a combination of mouth and body language until we understand what she wants. She loves to cuddle and is a delight to be with.


Daisy's favorite game is the "treat for sock game". She likes to pull a sock from the laundry pile and hide it somewhere in the house. For a treat, she shows us where it is hidden. She also likes to play catch and will bark at us to throw when she gets in position. She notices everything and will point out the smallest speck on the floor that needs to be cleaned up. FedEx and UPS can not drive by without an appropriate amount of barking.


We love Daisy very much and are thankful for the excellent care that she receives from Dr. O'Quinn and the staff at Riverwalk Animal Hospital.