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Auggie November 2017

November 2017

Hi, my name is Auggie! I am Riverwalk Animal Hospital's November 2017 Pet of the Month. I am an energetic black labrador with a loving and friendly personality. I enjoy playing fetch, peanut butter, fuzzy blankets and play dates with my best friend Mattix. I was born on April 26, 2015. My family picked me up 8 weeks later and I loved them instantly. Other dogs are definitely not as cool as humans, but I play with them anyway. My mom walks me every morning and snuggles with me every night. She takes me to the beach on the weekends. It is so much fun! My favorite part is playing fetch in the water with the waves.


Recently, I have been visiting Ms. Windi. She has so many toys in her backyard. I love going to her house and learning new tricks. I love my family very much. Everytime someone comes to the door, I tell them that they can pet me but I can't go home with them because my family will miss me too much. I love the evening time because watching movies and snuggling is my favorite. I sleep in my mom's bed because sleeping alone is scary. She always lays in my favorite spot. You can see from my pictures how handsome I am. Yes, the coat is real. I grew it myself. People ask my mom what she feeds me because my coat is so shiny. I like to think that it is genetic. I do have one flaw. The ball is my kryptonite. If you mention it, if I can see it or even smell it, I lose it. I LOVE to play fetch! (Did I mention that already?)


Thank you for choosing me as the November Pet of the Month!