Pet Preventative Care

You may feel that if there’s nothing wrong with your pet, there’s no reason to take them in for a checkup, but regular checkups are important for detecting any emerging issues and preventing more extensive and costly treatment down the road.

Early detection for life-threatening illnesses such as cancer could make the difference in keeping your pet around for years to come.  We also specialize in senior preventative care to control arthritis and rule out metabolic diseases that can affect older pets.

Key preventive care considerations for both cats and dogs include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Parasite prevention (Heartworm and Intestinal parasites)
  • Flea and tick control
  • Dental care
  • Routine blood work
  • Nutrition
  • Behavior

Regular checkups include vaccinations to keep your pet healthy.  There are different core vaccinations for dogs and cats, and other vaccines can be given depending on the type of lifestyle of the pet.  We will help you determine which vaccines are needed and set up a schedule.